MyOneAndOnly, the story behind them…


Every day we see thousands of square meters of advertising printings. Most of them have a glamorous, though short, life. They end up to be garbage because their recycling is extremely difficult and expensive. 


We collect all these printings and give them a second equally glamorous life. Our source for the banners is museums, trade fairs, conventions and music concerts. Most of the banners have been used only for a couple of days and mostly indoors. The material is in a very good condition having spent more time as a bag than as an advertising banner. The material is waterproof and lightweight giving bags very easy to use. The straps are car seatbelts providing maximum load capacity but also comfort for the bag users.  


We are not fashion designers. We are engineers. So our point of view is more practical. We believe in the 3 days theory. No matter if you are talking about a new perfume, a house, a boy(or girl) friend or a bag, the impression of the “looks” lasts 3 days. After that the practical issues are the ones that arise as more important. So we make MOAO bags not only good looking but very practical too. Every little thing on them is there for a reason which we can explain! This is the warranty for a long lasting relationship between the bag and the user.


Each MyOneAndOnly bag is unique and has a number printed on its label. It is not possible to have the same bag two times. 


MyOneAndOnly bags are designed and manufactured in Greece from Greek artisans and are marked with the label “Proudly Made In Greece”.


Every model has the name of a Greek island connecting our colorful designs with the diversity and uniqueness of the Greek islands. Whenever it is possible we combine the name of the island with the type of the bag that holds it. So the iPad sleeve is called IOS connecting the Cyclades Island IOS with the operating system of iPAD (iOS). The bag designed for students is called Kimolos after the name of the island where the white chalk (kimolia in Greek) for blackboards comes from.


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